Instant Boiling Taps Buying Guide

Posted by Demelza Abbott-Scott on 12th Oct 2023

Instant Boiling Taps Buying Guide

The Ultimate Solution for Instant Hot Water on Demand

At SIA, our mission is to make your life easier by offering practical, affordable and stylish solutions. Well we think we’ve nailed it with our range of instant boiling hot water taps. Read on to find out why.

What are instant boiling hot water taps and how do they work?

It isn’t magic, though it certainly seems like it. SIA instant boiling hot water taps come with a nano-phosphate filter and a 2.4L fully insulated storage tank which sits neatly in a cupboard under the sink. Water from your mains supply passes through the filter, purifying it. The water is then rapidly heated and stored within the tank. Et voila, hot water (literally) on tap.

What is all the fuss about?

Tea on demand. Pasta pronto. Does that answer your question? In addition to being quick and convenient, there are several benefits to instant boiling hot water taps which make them well worth considering.

By having boiling water readily available, you save time otherwise spent waiting for the kettle or the hob. And whilst some people claim to put those minutes to good use (squats anyone?), most of us just watch impatiently. No more! Have boiling water ready when you want it.

As well as saving time, you’re saving energy and, therefore, money. The cost of boiling a kettle repeatedly (including the times you boiled it, forgot about it, and had to boil it again) really adds up. Especially when you consider most of us don’t measure out exactly how much water we need. Kettles use an estimated 6% of all the electricity supplied to British homes. By having boiling water stored and ready to go, instant boiling hot water taps consume less energy and you only use the water you actually need, minimising waste. SIA instant boiling hot water taps can make up to 10 cups of tea at once. That’s a lot of kettle watching!

If you’re in need of extra surface space, or just prefer clear countertops, instant boiling hot water taps are a great solution. Put the kettle away (sorry, kettle!). The tap will fit seamlessly into your sink area, giving you back that space. SIA taps come in a range of finishes too - black, brushed nickel, copper or chrome - to complement your kitchen. The perfect combination of sophisticated and practical.

Are they safe?

Yes. We’ve all made the mistake of turning the tap on expecting it to be cold and putting our hand straight into hot water. Ouch. SIA instant boiling hot water taps have special child safe handles to prevent accidents and protect little (and large!) fingers. In addition, the tap itself always remains cool, even when hot water passes through it.

So do I need multiple taps or can I only drink hot water from now on?!

Nope. This is what makes SIA instant boiling hot water taps so versatile. They provide hot and cold water like your regular tap, but the SIA 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap gives you the option of instant 98°C filtered water as well. For an extra splash of luxury, you could even try the SIA 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap which also produces filtered, chilled drinking water. Imagine taking a sip of that on a hot day. It also has a pull-out spray tap, making it even easier (and dare we say it, fun?) to complete a variety of kitchen tasks.

When each week there is a new gadget claiming to transform your life, it can be hard to figure out what’s a short-lived trend and what’s genuinely worth the hype. Well, SIA Instant Boiling Hot Water Taps are here to stay. They will save you time, money and space all while looking chic.